Commercial Property Management in Chicago

Commercial properties require expertise in building management, improvements, and tenant relationships. You get all of this when you partner with Medallion Property Management. We bring our Chicago property management experience to your commercial property and drive better results.

Our team has been leading the Chicago commercial real estate market for years, and our investors have benefitted from our local knowledge and industry connections. We help with construction, maintenance, leasing, and management.

Focused in the areas of South and West Chicago, Medallion Property Management offers a full-service approach to your commercial property, whether it’s industrial, retail, office space, or something else.

Your property can perform at a higher level. Get in touch today.

Earn More and Spend Less on Your Commercial Chicago Investments

Identifying Commercial Tenants

Commercial tenants in Chicago have very specific needs, and your property managers need to understand what they’re looking for and how we can deliver it.

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We’ve worked with new business owners who aren’t sure about where to put their storefront. We’ve worked with experienced business owners looking to grow their companies.

When it comes to identifying, attracting, and placing the best possible commercial tenants for your property, Medallion Property Management is the team you need. We have the networks and the resources.

Improving Your Commercial Property

Once we’ve found a tenant, they’re going to need some specific improvements to your property. They are likely to have ideas on how they want the space to look and what they’ll need to help their business function and thrive.

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At Medallion Property Management, we’re ready to take care of any project, whether it’s major construction or simply cosmetic.

With a team of talented vendors, contractors, cleaners, and landscapers – you and your new tenants will get more than you expect. We have the experience and the resources to manage every renovation.


Protecting Commercial Property in Chicago

At Medallion Property Management, we limit the risk and liability that comes with renting out a commercial property in Chicago.

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You won’t have to worry about lease violations, terrible tenants, unpaid rents, or property damage. We take care of protecting your investment, with frequent inspections, excellent tenant relationships, and a set of systems and procedures that keeps tenants aware of our expectations and their responsibilities.

Count on us to coordinate maintenance, document property condition, and enforce the lease that’s in place.

It is not easy to find a good management company on the South and West Sides of Chicago. I have 30+ properties in these areas, so good management is imperative to my cash flow. I have been with Medallion for about 7 years now, and I could not be happier. They are very hands-on with both me as the owner and my tenants. They always know what is happening with my properties. Their maintenance work is good quality, very transparent and the best pricing I have found. Go with these guys!!!

Alex V.

Looking to Invest in Commercial Properties?

Chicago Brokerage Services

Medallion Property Management understands the commercial real estate market in Chicago.

We can help investors like you make the most of the dynamic market trends, leading to decisions that boost the ROI of your investment property, no matter where you are.
Helping local and out-of-state investors with:

  • Comparative market analysis
  • Projecting potential rental value of new acquisitions
  • Estimating the amount of work required to make a property rentable
  • Appointing vendors
  • Negotiating sale terms with potential buyers
  • Growing your Chicagoland portfolio

We also have in-house contracts for every activity, from financing to brokerage, so you have everything you need under one roof.

Improving Commercial Properties Increases ROI

Chicago Rehabs & Construction

At Medallion Property Management, we assist Chicago commercial investors with all redevelopment activities. Whether it is a minor modification or a massive renovation project, we have the expertise to get it done in time and on budget.

Our offerings include:

  • Supervising the construction project
  • Getting the best qualified contractors
  • Coordinating with regulating agencies and obtaining the occupancy permits.

Medallion Property Management also offers to maintain Chicago commercial spaces with the help of:

  • Licensed contractors
  • Regular inspections
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Qualitative repairs
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How Can We Help You Have a Better Commercial Investment Experience

Free Consultation

Handing over the responsibilities of your commercial investment property is a big decision. We understand and, therefore, offer to assist you with our tried and tested services and property management strategies.

Medallion Property has unparalleled experience in navigating the local real estate market and staying much ahead of the competition.

Benefit from our expertise, get a free consultation.

Property Management Pricing

Medallion Property Management rates are quoted on a case-by-case basis. While determining the price, we consider a variety of factors such as the number of vacancies, property location, and the extent of renovation that is required to convert your commercial building into a revenue-yielding property.

Apartment buildings

Where do I even begin? To say this company is amazing would be an insult. They are heaven-sent. Ryan goes beyond his call of duty to make sure every tenant is satisfied. He checks in frequently to make sure everything is okay with the residence and that it is meeting your standards. If there are issues maintenance is on it immediately. The maintenance guys are friendly and respectful of you and your home. Ms. Mickie at the front desk gives the warmest welcoming. I simply love Medallion to say the least and I plan on being a forever tenant. By the way, did I mention how GORGEOUS their homes are?!?!!!!!

R. Banks

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Jun 14, 2023
Google - Shanell - Medallion Property Management, LLC
Very comfortable place to live
Jun 27, 2022
Google - Believve - Medallion Property Management, LLC
Jim at the front desk is very very friendly and helpful. Thank you Andre and Jim for all you've done in helping me find my next home. Medallion has been nothing but a great experience. I was referred by two people, and I am so thankful for the referral. Been looking for my next home for 7 months, not much out there. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a place to try Medallon because they are truly a successful business in my eye. From Charlene
May 23, 2022
Google - Believve - Medallion Property Management, LLC
Very nice staff. Very helpful
Jul 20, 2021
Google - Rona - Medallion Property Management, LLC
Tina Youngblood is an excellent property manager with Medallion. She works well with you in getting things done, with no complaints.
Mar 30, 2021
Google - Karen - Medallion Property Management, LLC
Very nice place to live
Mar 16, 2021
Google - Chris - Medallion Property Management, LLC
Great staff...
Feb 26, 2021
Google - Mccoy - Medallion Property Management, LLC
This is the best management company I have ever dealt with and I’m praying to always and only deal with medallion properties. Every call every problem needed to be fixed. One call and at there best time and ability medallion properties is on the way. To have a understanding leader Ms. Joanie that answer in the most respectful caring manner means everything to me. I love her. I honestly don’t think I’ll b comfortable living outside Medallion properties. Ms. Joanie (My Ms. J) is so helpful and understanding she is a blessing from above. I def recommend Medallion Properties. I love them.
Feb 26, 2021
Google - Farrah - Medallion Property Management, LLC
The medallion property manager Joanie is very nice and assisted me as a tenant . This Company is extremely helpful . - Patrick Amos
Feb 24, 2021
Google - Darnell - Medallion Property Management, LLC
Tina is one of the best property managers at medallions I love my apartment if I need something done she right on it making sure her tenants good ❤️
Feb 17, 2021
Google - Jeremias - Medallion Property Management, LLC
Buena atencion
Nov 11, 2020
Google - James - Medallion Property Management, LLC
I worked at Medallion for a little over two years and in those two years I can tell you that I know Property Management/Real Estate is the industry that I want to remain in. Like a lot of us Covid affected me and when I did find new employment Ari gave me a great recommendation. That is rare to find a place that will help you nd want to see you succeed in the next chapter of your life. I am very grateful for Ari and Jake for the opportunity to work there and be in the industry I plan to spend the rest of my working life in. To Ryan and the staff in the office it was a great pleasure of mine to get to work with you all and learn from you. I wish you all nothing but the very best! James
Jul 14, 2020
Google - Kidd - Medallion Property Management, LLC
We cannot express how much we appreciate JOANIE she got us out of a horrible condition into an apartment we absolutely LOVE she made us priority-kept us updated - and it really felt like for once somebody cared for us as a tenant and wasn’t just worrying about collecting rent we are definitely staying with medallion as long as we have Joanie as management we are so pleased with how she took care of us
Apr 23, 2020
Google - Teresa - Medallion Property Management, LLC
love my apartment medallion properties make sure that everything was to our standards before we moved in and even after we moved and kept calling to make sure that everything was okay make sure everything worked and specially the person who showed us the property she made sure that we was notified every time something has changed and the property managerJoanie made sure that everything was okay with us talk to us face-to-face let us know that we can always count on her and since we moved that is exactly what has happened we can count on Joanie we have been in are apartment for about 3 and half months now and when I tell you that I'm so ready to go we new that we weren't going to be the only ones in the building but since they moved in all we hear is big dogs and 2or3 children running around all day I'm very upset about this I'm so ready to find me another place yes we still like medallion but how much more can we take
Mar 18, 2020
Google - Carmalita - Medallion Property Management, LLC
I have been a tenant at medallion properties for 4 ½ years now. When I have always had courteous service. Recently I had run into some issues. The new property manger Joanie was very attentive. She worked with me until everything was resolved and made sure that I was satisfied with all the services. I do appreciate that she wasn’t just trying to get me to sign a new lease. She wanted to make sure that I was comfortable with the new lease and if there was anything she could do to make my renting experience easier. Thank you Joanie you are awesome.
Mar 15, 2020
Google - Tierra - Medallion Property Management, LLC
From the day of my lease signing and meeting the staff at Medallion Properties I’ve had a great experience.... I have had some issues in my home but Joanie have been going over and beyond to make sure everything is taking care of and checking on me and I really appreciate that if I could give me stars I would!!!!
Mar 3, 2020
Google - Marquita - Medallion Property Management, LLC
I love her Mrs. Joanie Klein. I have fun and a nice time with her. She adress all my concerns. Thank you so for all your help. To meet with me. Stay sweet and kind. Love you. Have a great day.
Mar 2, 2020
Google - SSgxdGamer - Medallion Property Management, LLC
I had the pleasure of meeting met my new property manager Khalilah Stokes a couple of weeks ago and she was very nice. She was very respectable to my children when she called and came to my house when I was not available so she could introduce herself and let me know she was one of the property managers. She came to my house again and we sat down and renewed my lease and had a good conversation and when she was leaving I told her I liked her and she was nice and she showed kindness to me and my son that day. She gets 5 BIG STARS⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐from me. Ms. Williams
Feb 26, 2020
Google - Toi - Medallion Property Management, LLC
From the 1st day I met Ryan @ Medallion Property, I felt that I made a wise choice to become their tenant. Ryan's professionalism, pleasant and down to earth demener is good. My family & I are enjoying making the house into a home. The staff members are great team players. Thank You😊
Feb 25, 2020
Google - Marta - Medallion Property Management, LLC
Khalilah Stokes Is a Great Property Manager she made me feel so welcomed to the Medallion Family, She answered all my questions and left me with a smile. I love this house #justrenewedmylease.😘
Feb 25, 2020
Google - Laconja - Medallion Property Management, LLC
This is a very good and Reliable Reality. Been renting from them for about three years, There maintenance service is excellent and always on time when theres and emergency. I enjoy working with my new property manager joanie. She is very Pleasant to work with . So if you are looking for good and positive energy people to helping you in finding or managing your property. I recommend Medallion Property Management

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